Copper Bowl for whipping eggwhites

Someone's got to know about this...I know that copper bowls are the best thing to have for whipping eggwhites, but is there any culinary difference between using a hammered copper bowl versus a flat-surfaced bowl?

The reason I ask is that I got a great deal on some items at a garage sale, and one of them was a hammered copper bowl and I'm wondering if I should use it for cooking or for decorative purposes.

I'm also trying to figure out (if I can) the worth of this item. It makes me deliriously happy when I get a good deal.

I've googled, and I didn't find much info about hammered bowls. Mauviel has some bowls that are labeled as hammered, but the photos all show a smooth surface, so I can't compare the design. Size and shape match, though. But when I've compared the weight of this bowl vs. the current Mauviel pieces of the same size that have weights listed, this one is heavier.

Based on the age of the other items that were being sold, I'm guessing this bowl has a bit of age on it, so this version might not be in production any more. Or it could be by a defunct manufacturer. I found one hammered bowl made by Cordon Bleu that was sold at auction that's very similar to what I have, but the info was pretty limited on that one.

Needless to say, I couldn't find anything online that compared the use of a hammered bowl vs. a bowl with flat surface. But some eggwhite-whipper or science-minded person here might know if it makes a difference.

The other piece that I bought was a Maviel copper paella pan. It's an older one that has seen some use, but it's still in really great shape. (score!)

And one last question about the bowl. Is there any other culinary use for it, besides whipping eggwhites? I saw some references to cooking in copper bowls and quick response to heat, but it was all pretty sketchy.

It seems a shame not to use this bowl. It's really well-made and heavy; much sturdier than anyone would require for a piece that's just going to hang on a wall


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