Batali going MEATLESS on MONDAYS... Really???

I read through an email I receive from the Meatless Mondays campaign people that Mario Batali now joins the Meatless Mondays movement by offering at least 2 vegetarian options in all his 14 restaurants across the US every Monday.

Initially sounds like a great idea and initiative... no? Hey, big chef Mario Batali is making this big statement. However, when you think about it in detail... is it really???

Committing to have at least 2 options in a menu, which on average has between 60 and 70 items to choose from, represents a mere 3% out of the total menu options. Not a big change or statement in my opinion.

To me, ANY successful restaurant catering to a wide audience should AT LEAST have 2-3 vegetarian/meatless options EVERY DAY!!! Not just on Mondays... I know I like to eat out any day of the week. I am sure all other vegetarians also feel this way...

Now, if Mario would have said ALL 14 restaurants will ONLY OFFER vegetarian/meatless dishes all-day Monday, every Monday, now that's an initiative truly embracing the Meatless Monday's concept. Eradicating meat dishes from all restaurants on Mondays would demonstrate his true commitment and would make a real statement and impact on the environment and on public opinion. But just 2 dishes on each menu????? Give me a break...

I know us vegetarians here at SE are in a minority, but what's your take on this piece of news??? Is this a good initiative or a wimpy effort?


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