A question about durians...

Hello, This is my first time posting and I was hoping someone might be able to help me. Recently, my boyfriend and I purchased a frozen durian. After bringing it home, we did a little research and the general consensus seemed to be that it is ripe when it splits open. However, we waited a few days, and this did not happen. Instead, we checked on it one morning to discover that it was partially covered in a cobweb-like mold, at which point we realized that we had missed our window of opportunity. Since we intend on purchasing another, I'm hoping that someone out there has experience with frozen durians and can answer the following things for me... - Is the process for determining ripeness different if the durian is frozen? Or were we just misinformed? - It didn't smell foul as we read it would (just somewhat fruity)- does this also have to do with the fact that it was frozen? Hopefully someone knows about this because we definitely want to purchase another, and not waste this one. Thanks in advance!


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