Your Favorite Local Breweries on the East Coast

I like local craft beers. They're made with more love than the larger U.S. breweries like Budweiser and Miller. They're also fresher. I'd rather drink a beer that was made 3 months ago in a brewery an hour away from my house than one that's been sitting on the shelf for a year and shipped from a foreign country.

A lot has been said on SE regarding West Coast beers, but what are your favorite local breweries on the East Coast? What style of beer do you prefer? Where do you like to go for a beer?

Here are a few East Coast Breweries:

New York - Blue Point, Brooklyn, Saranac
New Jersey - Riverhorse, Cricket Hill, Flying Fish
Delaware - Dogfish Head, Iron Hill
Massachusetts - Harpoon, Wachusett
Maryland - Flying Dog


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