Why Are My French Fries Limp?

I'm ashamed to admit it, but the perfect French fries still alludes me. I've had them come out decent, but not that perfect crisp exterior and fluffy tasty interior. They often end up on the limp side even though they are thoroughly browned. I use the same method as J. Kenji https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/01/perfect-french-fries-iteration-1-recipe.html keeping a careful eye on temperature, but still no luck. What's the problem? 1. I always use russet potatoes. Always rinse till the water is clear and thoroughly dry them before frying 2. I've usually use peanut oil, or peanut and canola together. The last batch I used lard and peanut oil. Tasty, but texture still not right and on the greasy side. 3. I always double fry. I've tried sticking them in the freezer between frying as some recommend, but still not all that great. The get nice and brown during the second fry, but still end up limp on the plate. I'm wondering if one possible culprit is the pot I use to fry. Its on the smaller side and the temperature drops heavily when the fries go in and I have trouble getting it back to the ideal temp. (it's an all clad pot, not sure the exact size and I always use our high power burner (gas)). What's the best vessel to fry in. I imagine a wok may produce better results, but I don't own one. I have a Le Creuset Dutch oven, but it's on the large size so I've been hesitant to use due to how much oil it would take. Suggestions? Help? I'm embarrassed i can't pull these off to the same quality as the rest of my food and would love for that change. Thanks!


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