Where do we need to stop to eat on our cross country road trip?

My boyfriend and I are driving cross country this summer and are in need of suggestions of places to eat. We plan on camping for the majority of the approx. 6-week trip, with hotel/motel stays in various cities along the route. We are looking for recommendations of places to eat that are characteristic to that area/city. (I can get scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast anywhere, I want to know what each place has to offer that makes it special).

Our route is as follows: NJ Smokey Mountains Nat'l Park, NC New Orleans Austin, TX Santa Fe, NM Sedona, AZ Grand Canyon Nat'l Park, AZ Las Vegas, NV the California Coast with a definite stop in Big Sur Redwoods Nat'l Forest Portland, OR Seattle, WA possibly Vancouver, BC, CA Glacier Nat'l Park, MT Chicago, IL NJ

Any restaurant rec.'s would be greatly appreciated, especially for places that won't break the bank. Pricey places aren't out of the question, however.

Also, any tips for going on a 6 week long trip and making snacks for long driving days would be great!

Our trip is very open-ended - if we like a place a lot we will probably stay there a few days; if we're not as thrilled, we'll stay one night and drive on through.

We eat pretty much everything, so that is not an issue.



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