there's a hole in my bread!

lately i've been baking a lot of bread at home (ever since i figured out how easy it was to bake homemade bread, i've been a little obsessed with it). last night i made a sandwich loaf using a recipe for a richer bread, made with eggs and milk. the dough came together very nicely and rose well, but when i pulled it out of the oven and cut off a slice i discovered a MASSIVE hole in the middle of it. we're not talking a small air pocket here, we're talking a gianormous cavern that tunnels through the majority of the loaf. you could fit a sandworm in this thing. while it's very tasty bread, it's not much good as a sandwich loaf if there's a ruddy big hole in the middle of it. how could this have happened, and more importantly, how do i prevent it in the future? i'm thinking maybe it rose unevenly, or i didn't seal the seams well enough when i fitted it into the loaf pan. while i know my way around the kitchen, i'm still a fairly novice baker, so don't hesitate to suggest something that you think is super obvious. thanks!


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