stinky watercress

After searching high and low for watercress (apparently stores around here don't carry it all the time) , I finally found a sealed bag of it at the local supermarket in the salad area. I wasn't going to use it for a couple of days, so I stuck the bag in the crisper in the fridge. So last night I opened it and was going to use some on my smoked salmon sandwich; when I opened the bag it REEKED! I couldn't quite pinpoint the smell, so I pulled the whole thing out and it was attached at the roots to a dirtball (like some herbs I've bought) and when I sniffed that, I about fell over. I'm talking manure smell, so bad I gagged. Is this normal? The watercress itself looked really fresh, but I was afraid to eat it after that awful smell . . . I threw the whole thing out, then took out my trash!


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