Pre-topping toast?

I just realized a great advantage of having a toaster oven, instead of a traditional toaster. Have any of you ever pre-topped your toast? I just discovered (I know, I know, *I* didn't discover it, but it was thrilling for me to realize finally) that I can put peanut butter, or deli slices or cheese on my fresh bread (I bake my own, and I like the really crusty stuff that holds up to thick toppings well) and then stick it in the toaster oven. That way, I get the bread toasted and I have nice warm or melty (or both) toppings, and it saves me time! I love it! Is it just me or has anyone else done this? And are there limits? For instance, does that work for most/all toast toppings? I haven't tried it with jam yet, because I am afraid that it would burn or just melt too much and drip off the sides, or fresh herbs because they might singe.... What is the best thing that you have successfully tried that way? Any suggestions?


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