Pandan extract for kaya, OR general info on extracts/essences

This one goes out to @Chichi Wang, anyone else who's familiar with Malaysian/Singaporean food, or anyone who knows about the chemistry of extracts/essences.

I just made kaya with pandan extract for the first time, and it has a slightly medicinal aftertaste. I think it might be related to the kind or amount of pandan extract I used: a bit under a teaspoon of Cock brand "Pandan Essence." The listed ingredients are propylene glycol 76%, ethyl alcohol 5%, vanillene 2%, and then a bunch of flavorings.

Am I using the wrong thing here? At the store where I bought it, there was also the option of buying either Maesri brand "Pandan Extract," which comes in a 14 oz. can and is 70% pandan extract, 30% water (no further info), or Koepoe brand "Pandan flavored paste." If anyone has thoughts on pandan extract or whether this "essence" is the right thing to use, I'd definitely appreciate it!


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