Kickoff Party Help

Hey everyone, so I just found out that I will be hosting a party in the summer for my classmates/staff reporters on our newspaper (I'm 17) and our paper's adviser. It's a sort of kickoff party for the editor to welcome everyone and to bond with the new girls on staff and plan for the year. Anyway, the party will be in August at my very tiny house for roughly 30 people. Sitting down at one table together, obviously then, is not an option. My mom and I were thinking of doing a barbecue since it will be summer, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some other party foods that a group of teenagers would enjoy and that would be fairly inexpensive? I love to cook so ease of preparation will not be an issue, but I am aiming to have everything made in advance except for the meats on the grill. Finally, desserts and baked things are my specialty so does anyone also have any cute, creative ideas for some sweet things? :)


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