KFC's New Double Down "Sandwich"

Today I found out about KFC's new Double Down "sandwich," which is cheese, bacon, and to my understanding a mayo-based "special sauce" all sandwiched between two fried chicken patties.

According to this article (http://blog.timesunion.com/tablehopping/14412/kfcs-new-double-down-is-triple-trouble-nutritionally/), it has sixty percent of a day's maximum sodium intake, half a day's ration of saturated fat, and as many calories as a Big Mac- ALL FOR $5!

Look, I like to indulge in fast food occassionally. I know that meaty cheesy, greasy fast food can taste good, but is this really necessary? I understand self-responsibility and how what we eat is our choice, but when obesity rates are soaring and fast food chains, especially here in L.A., are clustered in low income neighborhoods, is this even responsible?

Plus, who would eat this thing? What kind of people want to eat this thing? I've tried bizarre food on a whim just to see how it tastes, but this doesn't even look good to me.

Thoughs, Serious Eaters?


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