Intro to cheesecloth

I recently purchased cheesecloth for the first time and used it for straining my cold-brew coffee (way easier than hand straining it cup by cup).

Problem is, it cost $4 at the grocery store and I didn't see a way to wash it and reuse it. It's still cheaper than buying my coffee at Starbucks - but long-term this seems like a poor solution.

So my questions: a) can you reuse cheesecloth? b) are there better/cheaper ways to purchase cheesecloth c) what about those really thin flour sack towels -- I used them once with an aunt to squeeze cabbage for pierogies - anyone know where to buy this?

I have access to a Target, Whole Foods, Giant, Safeway and Trader Joe's - but not Costco (at least not most of the time - if Costco does sell either of these items in bulk for cheap, I'd be interested to know)

Where do you guys pick these items up, and how much do you usually pay for them?


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