How to crack an egg

I prefer to crack open my eggs by tapping the egg on a flat surface like the countertop or chopping board and then pulling the shell apart with my thumbs. Others prefer tapping it on the side of a bowl or the frying pan. And let's not forget the one handed method too. But I've never heard about placing the egg in the palm of your hand and striking it gently with the back (aka the dull side) of a knife...until today.

My coworkers and I were talking about the as-seen-on-TV egg cracking product "EZ Cracker". We were so baffled by the need for this product since cracking eggs is not a difficult task. I was miming the motions of cracking an egg and one of my coworkers didn't understand what I was doing. So I asked her how she cracked eggs and she told me with a knife. She said that's the only way she's ever been aware of. She's never even heard of people cracking eggs on the countertop or side of the bowl. When I got home I had to try this new-to-me way of cracking an egg. Seemed to work just fine, but now I have an extra knife to wash.

So I wondered how many other ways could there be to crack an egg? And is the method of cracking an egg cultural or regional? How do you crack open your eggs?


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