Fussers, Vegetarians and Food Adventurers- Mixed Bag Gathering

I'm having a few aquaintances, friends and associates over for a gathering in two weeks. We've got a couple of wrinkle up their noses and ask "What's in that?" folks, one non-fussy and really fun vegetarian and a number of food adventurers.

Right now I'm thinking about a simple soup, sandwich smorgasbord and fresh fruit. (Soups that can be sipped from a cup.)

I need some substantial, but easy to prepare (preferably ahead) finger foods, appetizers and nibbles. Nothing messy or greasy because we're doing a workshop style meeting. I can keep simple things warm (crock pot) and reheat a few things in the oven last minute.

So please help. Yes, I am in an idea funk. A serious one. Who knew with all the ribbing? *L*

Help me Serious Eaters. Please.

You can throw in your chuckles and elbow nudges too. I will take my teasing as gracefully as possible.


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