Food Network's new edgy baby?

This article reports on a new channel being put up by the Food Network called the Cooking Channel.

From the article:

Called the Cooking Channel, it is lining up low-key programs targeted at a hipper crowd interested in the grass roots of food culture.

Ms. Deen, for one, will not have a time slot. But three young guys from Canada who build taco vending machines and other weird contraptions for a show called "Food Jammers" will.


Many of the newcomers are imports from Canada and elsewhere. The Canadian shows include "Food Jammers"; "French Food at Home," starring Laura Calder; "Indian Food Made Easy," whose host is the chef and writer Anjum Anand; "David Rocco's Dolce Vita"; "Everyday Exotic," with the Toronto food personality Roger Mooking; and "Chuck's Day Off," featuring a young and enthusiastic Montreal chef, Chuck Hughes. The article goes on to say we'll see some artisan restaurant shows and maybe some chicken slaughtering. Clearly Food Network is trying to get those of us who are disenchanted with all the glitz and glamor of its current programming interested in television again. But with the exception of Alton Brown and maybe a few others, it seems many of us who want actual cooking entertainment have moved on to other media, like blogs and YouTube channels. For those of you who've wanted some Food Network change: would you be interested in any of these shows?


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