Food Memory Overload! What's yours?

My first memory of the variety of the sense of taste was of my childhood favorite: Sweet. A neighbor treated us kids to chomp into some of his honeycomb one summer. The deep throaty almost smoky richness and the sticky, chewy honeycomb was an unforgettable thrill. Only to be compared that summer at a fair with my first taste of cotton candy. This sweet was almost sharp and through the nose, with a totally different mouth-feel! Anytime I taste honey, I'm shot back in time to that summer day. Also in my schoolbus, there was some kid peeling and eating an orange, which smelled strong as it mixed with the diesel fumes of the bus. Now everytime I smell orange peel I must associate it with diesel (oddly happy with that) but good childhood memories. What kind of taste, feel, smell, color memories of food do you have? Just curious.


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