Feeding a hungry guy (almost like a hippo)

I love to cook, especially for my boyfriend, but lately I'm having trouble balancing our nutritional needs. My boyfriend has a fairly labor intensive job and comes home starving, especially for fatty, high calorie foods. However, as a result of some recent health problems I find myself getting sick after eating high fat, high calorie foods. I'm trying to find meals that are "upgradable" and can serve both of our culinary desires.

I know he could probably just eat a double portion, but I know psychologically I would want to as well! So ideally I would like to find something that I could cook, but add an ingredient to his part to make it more satisfying for him. Such as making homemade pizza, but add sausage to his half. I also work and go to school, so bonus points for stuff that is easier to make or that I can do ahead of time.

Please help with any suggestions!


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