Fatty 'Cue. Good Stuff.

So this past Saturday I had my birthday dinner at Fatty 'Cue and I will have to say the experience was a pleasant and memorable one. We had dinner reservations for a party of 11 at 7 pm. When we arrived the placed was slammed. Every table and the bar seemed full. Even so, the hostess only took about 3 minutes to get our table ready and had us seated up on the very top level. (Not sure if you can request it, but I think this area is great for large parties since it's kind of private). We were greeted by the waitstaff who were very attentive and friendly. We then proceeded to order copious amounts of food. Pork Spare Ribs spiced with Indonesian pepper: Very tasty and pretty much falling off the bone. Pork Loin with green peppercorn aioli and herb salad: Thinly sliced and delicious, wish I could make a sandwich out of it. Red Curry Rubbed Duck: One of the best things I ate in the night. Perfectly cooked duck. Bone Broth Bowl: Simple, smokey, and flavorful. Master Fat with Toast: Rendered down pig fat than resembles clarified butter. Toast for dipping. I was expecting a lot more flavor but it was lacking. Coriander Bacon with steamed yellow curry custard and toast points: Tasted like breakfast heaven Clams in bone broth and bacon: Good size bowl of well cooked clams. American Wagyu Brisket: Very tender brisket with a beautiful layer of fat. Comes with steam buns to make sandwiches. Bowl of Noodles: Can't recommend this one. Tasted like plain old ramen. Celery Salad: Very clean tasting. Good palate cleanser. Chocolate pie with hot chilies: Tasty pie but with a spicy kick. Pecan pie with fresh cream: Tasty but by this point my taste buds were done with. The 'Cue cocktail is one of the most interesting drinks I've ever tasted. Extremely complex and tastes just like a BBQ. They did forget to bring the lamb shoulder but we had so much food we didn't really notice.

I definitely recommend this place.

Anyone else been yet?


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