Crowd-Pleasing Appetizers

My fiance is hosting the weekly game night he and his coworkers have for the next two weeks (I am also a regular attendee). I want some appetizers that will really blow people out of the water to serve, especially since the usual snack is chips with store-bought salsa. One coworker is a vegetarian for medical reasons, one is a self-proclaimed "meat-atarian", and I am lactose intolerant, but can eat a little bit of cheese.

Basically, I want a set of 3 appetizers per night (6 total) that everyone can enjoy. So far, on the list: - Egg and artichoke squares (bad name, delicious snack) - Stuffed mushrooms (though my recipe is boring, and if anyone has a really good one I'd love to see it)

As you can see, I'm a bit at a loss for what else to make. Help?


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