Cook's Illustrated vs. Food52

This article was posted in yesterday's "Stray Links", but I thought I'd bump it up here for discussion in case anyone missed it:

Upstart startups vs. Veterans: Who Has The Best Recipes?

Apparently Chris Kimball called out Amanda Hesser to a throwdown. Readers will vote on who they feel has the best recipes (between sugar cookies and pork recipes) on Slate on May 5. From the article:

"Readers will have the chance to weigh in on May 5 on Slate, which has agreed to host and certify the vote. For many, the choice may be less about theoretical models and processes than about trust developed over time. If Cook's recipes consistently work for readers, they will use them no matter how they were developed. The same is true for Food52. "

Thoughts? Will you be among the voters?


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