Breaking the Passover!

So who else is tired of Passover? My willpower is seriously wavering as we head into the final day of shoveling matzo into our mouths. I, personally, do not see how avoiding glorious bread for 8 days simulates being a slave in Egypt, but I'll go with it. As my father said: "Chill, it'll be over before you know it."

What are you doing to kill the end of the holiday cravings? What do you plan on eating for your first after-Passover meal? I traditionally do a carb fest: either a giant loaf of bread from a bakery or, like some friends and I did in college, pizza/garlic rolls/beer (for them, I'm not a beer drinker/calzones etc. as a local pizzeria. Tomorrow I'll be at a birthday dinner at a place that is lacking in pizza (SO SAD, ALL I WANT IS A PIZZA) so I'll have to make due with bar food and sandwiches.

What about you?


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