Bear Claws? Has this pastry gone extinct?

I've had this problem for awhile and I figure you might be able to help.

Every time I go home from college I transit through the city: bus into Chinatown, then up to Grand Central to catch Metro North to CT. When my mom used to commute into the city for work she would always bring my brother and I back pastries, so I try to continue the tradition. I get something sweet to bring home when I grab myself breakfast for the train.

Here's the problem though. My mom's favorite pastry is the Bear claw and I have NOT been able to find them. The kiosks in grand central have NO IDEA what I'm talking about -and it's Grand Central, so it seems like they should everything! Traditional bakeries don't seem to stock them, Cupcake places are a bust, they're not popular/trendy enough to be randomly offered...I can't find a single place that makes them!

Where have all the Bear claws gone?


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