April NYC trip itinerary for your enjoyment/discussion

I think I've just about finished planning out all of the possible stops on my 3 day trip to NYC in two weeks so I figured I would post it up here for reference or discussion or just to give someone some ideas for their own trip.

I've been on a sandwich kick as of late so this trip is laden with various sandwich stops. Also, the friend I'm staying with is kinda strapped at the moment so I was trying to keep most of my choices budget friendly.


Locanda Verde: Already made a rez for us. Looking to try the ricotta and the uova modenese and any baked goods I can get my grubby mits on.

Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar: Volcano, pork buns, compost cookie, other baked goods depending on whats available.

Shopsin's: I've already been once but would gladly go back.


Ba Xuyen or Baoguette: I've wanted to try a banh mi and put down both of these places as an option.

Taim: Sabich.

Azuri Cafe: Falafel pita.

Shake Shack: Shack Stack and fluffernutter custard if we manage to go Friday. Although the pancakes and bacon flavor for Saturday sounds great as well.

Tacos Xochimilco: Pambazo.

Puebla Mini Market: Tortas.

Txikito: el Double burger served during lunch.


Otto: veggie antipasti, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Olive Oil gelato.


Stand: Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake. Had this already, was blown away and would love another one.

City Bakery: Pretzel croissant. Hoping to take a dozen home with me.

H&H or Murray's Bagels: Bagels close to Penn station I'm interested in taking home if we don't make it to City Bakery.

I'm trying to not get my heart set on any one place because I know we won't get to try them all, I'm just happy to have a good spread of options for when the time to eat rolls around.

Thoughts/comments welcome as always.


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