Your "Poor Era" Eats

I was reading the very amusing MLISE thread and thought I'd post some topics here, since several SEs seem -- like me -- to feel disappointed when there aren't a ton of fresh topics to discuss.

At one point, usually when we were young, in college, etc., we were all relatively poor. What did you cook then? Does it gross you out now, looking back? Have you made it since?

I used to take an 8 or 9 inch cake pan, prepare 33 cent packages of Top Ramen, layer the noodles into the pan, top with shreds of Buddig packaged deli meat (again, like 33 cents a package), mix in sour cream and a little shredded mozz (the most extravagant ingredient here), top with bread crumbs and bake.

The whole dish cost about $2 and made at least two meals.

I haven't made it again -- but if I did, I might add some Tapatio and green beans and corn.



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