Which is your Favorite/Least Favorite Culinary Herb?

I wish I could create a poll for this topic. Anyway, in regard to the basic, fresh and readily available herbs (not lemon thyme or Thai basil), choose one favorite and one least favorite and explain why you chose these.

Thyme Oregano Marjoram Cilantro Parsley Dill Basil Chervil Mint Chives Tarragon Savory Rosemary Sage

Cilantro is my favorite, and probably the most unique of all fresh herbs. Half the world loves it while the other half hates it. In my opinion, it's fresh, clean, citrusy and peppery with an intoxicating aroma. Cilantro is a multiethnic herb that is used in everything from delicate Asian spring rolls to substantial Mexican dishes and salsas.

Dill is my least favorite. I know what it pairs well with yet I still almost never prepare food with it. Dill reminds me too much of caraway, which I also don't enjoy.


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