Which city to visit for our 1st anniversary?

My wife and I randomly started talking last night about where we might go for our first anniversary (which isn't until late August, but we like to plan ahead!) so I drew up a list of some of the cities we were interested in visiting.

The trip would probably be 4-5 days over a long weekend. Here's the list of cities that we came up with:

Portland, OR (Oregon in general, we've always wanted to visit)

San Diego, CA (she has been there and I have not, I would love to taste some genuine Mexican street food there)

Santa Fe, NM (I just love the type of cooking they do there, although we would have to fly into Albuquerque and drive)

Boston, MA (in this case we would do a road-trip as we live in Maryland, possibly going as far north as Portland, ME)

New Orleans (would just love to experience the food scene down there)

Montreal (this is probably out of our price range but... we've heard great things!)

Any kind of help/suggestions/firsthand experience would be of great help because google doesn't seem to be helping much.


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