What Common Food Debates Do You See Online?

Like most of us, I read other sites, too. There's one I frequent that's really targeted toward food industry types, but some new folks (noobs) like me have food their way there.

In reading through all of those "ask a chef" type questions, I've noticed some serious themes, and I'd like to compare notes with you.

What common questions do you constantly see brought up time and time again? I see topics like:

What is/how to prep london broil How to cook prime rib How to make spaghetti sauce (any and all versions - and there are a lot of supposed versions!) Perfect mashed potatoes Perfect (esp. fluffy) scrambled eggs My pot roast is tought/has no flavor Pancetta v. bacon v. proscuitto How do I make the perfect steak Best mac and cheese Help! How to make something less spicy (e.g., chili)! Cooking rice Cooking with a pressure cooker Cooking with a crock pot

What am I missing?

And by the way, I'm not in any way dismissing these questions at all. Heck, I still ask myself the same things sometimes.

I just curious about what you encounter online -- what themes/debates do you see often, and what do you think about them?

(Personally, I think the pot roast and the "how do I make this less spicy" are getting a bit out of control. I swear it's good advice, but if I have to read "make another batch without the spice and combine it," I'm gonna santoku my wrists.)



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