Therapeutic tedium... or hateful kitchen tasks I strangely enjoy

There are a number of kitchen tasks that many people (if not most) find incredibly tedious. We've discussed them here on SE before. But then there are those like me... the ones who actually find certain bits of tedium to be therapeutic. I've known people who loved doing dishes. Another was big on shelling walnuts. Even knew one who loved peeling potatoes and tomatoes and things like that. For me, the ones that quickly come to mind are...

  • snapping pounds and pounds of green beans
  • picking through dried beans
  • picking through the cooked poultry meat in order to return the bones and "nasty" bits back to the stock pot (this one's probably my favorite)
  • picking through crabmeat for bits of shell (hahaha... I think I see a theme here!)

So? C'mon.. tell us the kitchen "chore" YOU secretly find strangely therapeutic. Confession is good for the soul!

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