Pies n Thighs is back! It's official!

Just scarfed down my first meal from the brand new Pies N Thighs and I have to say it's every bit as delicious as I remember it.

I got the Pull Pork Sandwich with a side of Mac n Cheese which was my favorite meal to get at the old location. (I know they are more famous for their chicken but I had to go with my fav)

At $10, I think the prices has risen a bit (I remember it being $8 but maybe my memory is wrong).

But it was worth that $10.

Beautiful pulled pork slathered with vinegar bbq sauce, a nice diced coleslaw, and pickles on a standard bun. The bun didn't hold up too well to the moist pork, slaw, and sauce on the trip back to my apt and I live directly across the street. But it didn't matter because BBQ is suppose to be messy and the soft bun went well with the meat.

The Mac n Cheese was perfect. It had a smooth béchamel sauce and the pasta was perfectly tender. And I LOVE how they add hot sauce without asking. Goes so well with the cheese.

So I have to say I'm so glad that Pies N Thighs is back. Especially since I live across the street and have been waiting for it to open since I moved in. Can't wait to try the rest of the menu.


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