Passover 5770 (2010) ~ Seders and other menus

Less than a month until the first seder!

To be upfront, I do not keep kashrut even during Pesach, but I do avoid wheat (unless items made with K4P matzah and/or matzah meal), rice, corn, corn syrup, peanuts, etc. I am considering adding quinoa this year though, only recently learning it is an acceptable grain. 8)

Usually I travel to south Florida for seder both nights, but this year Beorn's school schedule will not allow. We will most likely go to the local CHABAD for the two seders, since it will only be Beorn and me observing here. But I love talking seder menus anyway.

For the rest of the festival, do you gebrok or no? Beorn loves matzah-board pizza and I love matzah brie, so we definitely gebrok. I am looking forward to hearing of other non-festive meal Pesadik menus.

What will you be eating?


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