Need north Brooklyn restaurant rec. for group of foodies

Can anybody recommend a restaurant for dinner Saturday for our group consisting of five or six twenty-somethings and two sets of visiting parents? We all appreciate good food, and most of us cook a lot and do all kinds of DIY food stuff. One or more of us (ahem, Dad) is a less than adventurous eater.

Consensus tastes run to the Mediterranean, although maybe I can get my parents to branch out a little. In any case, we'd like someplace culinarily interesting (or just really good), comfortable for a group, and not crazily expensive (BYOB is nice but not crucial). It must take reservations, and it'd be nice if it took credit cards, too. Since the local ones among us live in Williamsburg and Clinton Hill, a north Brooklyn spot is ideal -- but we have cars and are willing to drive.

Ideas? I was thinking Roberta's or Miranda but would love to get some feedback.


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