More Food Tastings at Supermarkets?

Perhaps I'm crazy or just naive, but I think a lot of food brands are missing out on an opportunity here.

I know they are done, and probably done more so at places like WF and TJs, but why aren't these more common? I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a new drink, cracker, chip, salsa, sauce, etc., and stared at it in a daze -- and put it back on the shelf.

Sure, back when money was no object, it was easy to try it and justify the purchase. And of course, most deli counters will allow you to sample. But money is tighter now, and sometimes all I'm looking for is a taste to simply re-arrange things.

Am I hanging out at the wrong places? Or could many food brands be really well-served by putting more feet on the street and letting folks try it right there in the store, a la "impulse buy"?

Talk amongst ourselves. . .


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