Molten Lava Cake ............Success!!!

Thank you to all thet helped, here is the post I left at the end of the string. The Molten Lava Monkey is off my back!!!! Success, went with the Bittman, NY Times recipe (I was intrigued by the 2 tsp of flour) and stood by the oven the entire time. Let the cakes rest before plating. Here is an 11 year olds dream day; "Alice in Wonderland," 3D, then "Percy Jackson, the Lightning Thief". We made our own double feature.( I am old enough to remember when one ticket got you two movies) Then breakfast for dinner, but not just breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes for dinner followed by Molten Lava Cakes, that , thanks to the SE contributors, were perfect. I'm pretty sure my son had a good birthday, but I know I had a great day, thank you everybody for your help.


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