Mimis Hummus mmm mmm good

I went to Mimis hummus today and I must say the SE article was on the money, MMM MMM good !!!

The eggplant caviar was my fav dish but almost everything was good . I did like the Tahini hummus better than the chickpea one but I wouldn't complain if you put one or the other in front of me. The meat phyllo was ok but next time i'll stick with the meatballs trust me ;)

It pains me to admit this but the mint tea and sage as simple as it looked and sounds was music to my taste buds on a rainy damp dreary day .

I Think I found my new fav Hummus spot .

I also went next door to the new wine bar and even though it's small it had a comfy feel to it and the bartender even let me try a few different wines .

Will def be going back .


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