Know any small farmers you'd like to see interviewed?

The last time I asked this question I got great responses and, for those of you who responded, we are in the process of interviewing some of the agro-minded folk you suggested.

So, since the last go-round was so successful, I figured I would ask again.

Know a good farmer?

Tell us about your favorite farm guy or gal at your local farmer's market, someone who flies under the radar but may be on the cutting edge of agriculture, or maybe its someone farming an urban plot, greenhouse, or rooftop(s). It could be someone raising tilapia in their farm pond or greenhouse, or seeding and raising oysters and mussels in a bay and sustainably harvesting them. Whether its your local dairyman or dairywoman, veg farmer, or orchardist, we want to know about them so we can track them down and interview them!


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