I'm a vegetarian, my boyfriend is not! What to cook for him?

Hey Serious eaters,

I'm a vegetarian and my boyfriend is not, which isn't a problem. I'm going to be moving to Ithaca to be near him, and while we won't be living together I do plan on making him dinner every night.

I don't have a ton of experience cooking meat, I've made a few things and they have turned out pretty good (or so I've been told) but they have been more of holiday dishes, not every day things. What are some simple, yet delicious, dishes I could cook for my boyfriend that I am not likely to screw up?

Since I can't taste the dish to see if its done, I usually go the meat thermometer route, since I would rather not serve him undercooked meat :) He is a fan of all meat, chicken, beef, pork, and game. The only thing he does not like is seafood. I'd love to make him a steak but I'm a bit worried that I will screw it up, frankly!

Thanks a million :)


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