Home Made Mozzarella: Some resources of the pasta filata process

I am posting this with the hope that some of you will be interested in trying to make mozzarella cheese in the traditional method. Nearly all of the home or house made mozzarella I have tried in America utilize methods in which pre-purchased curd is used or citric acid is used to fast set the curd (actually shock the milk). The internet is literally awash in "30 minute mozzarella", "1 hour mozzarella" and such.

It is admirable that people are making such quick mozzarella at home, but in reality quick mozzarella is just not that good. It lacks the subtly more complex flavor, better texture and melting properties of real mozzarella. I hope any of this peaks your interest and I apoligize if any of this has already been posted:

A primer on an adapted version which explains the pasta filata method for making fior-di-latte, with links to beginner information and a more traditional Italian method as well:


With regards to "starters" 1. Cultured Buttermilk can be used, which has active enzymes in it

2. A thermophilic culture can be used. An Italian culture is available from Cheesemaking.com here:


3. You can create your own culture, as discussed in the following links:



And finally, there is simply no substitute for raw milk from cows allowed to free range, are 100% grass fed with no hormones. Jersey cows apparently don't make the best milk for the pasta filata process. The list of places to obtain raw milk, by State, from the Campaign for Real Milk website is invaluable:


Finally, two videos which show the process:



Take care. --K


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