Help! Someone skinned my bone-in chicken breasts, now what?

I'm making Chicken Marbella (from The Silver Palate Cookbook) for 30 people for the first Passover Seder Monday night at a friend's house. Basic recipe is 1) Chicken breasts and thighs with bones in and skin on. 2) Marinade overnight in goodies like oil, vinegar, olives, bay, oregano, garlic, capers, and prunes. 3) Bake the next day in one layer in a shallow baking dish with the marinade 50-60 min at 350 degrees.

I was so proud of my choice because it does not require pre-browning and tastes good at room temp so even though I'm the *guest* and am bringing the main dish, it will taste god at room temp, so I don't have to worry about transporting a soupy main dish for 30 people.

BUT someone skinned the chicken parts. We are using only breasts and thighs. If I follow the recipe, the breasts will be bone dry from dry roasting wherever they peek up out of the marinade. What do I do to save the recipe? I'm going to try reducing the marinade on the stovetop for an hour, then cooking the chicken covered first in parchment, then with foil for a little less than the planned amount of time.

Any other ideas that will give me moist chicken and that lovely pan sauce? I'm so frustrated. I spent a fortune at Whole Paycheck on olives, capers, wine vinegar, prunes, wine, etc., and I don't know how to have the dish come out right. Thanks for your help!


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