Greatest Day of my Life: Won cooking competition!!!

I wanted to share with you all the greatest moment of my life, and to shamelessly brag :)

I announced earlier last week that I am going to compete in a student sous chef cooking competition here: Well, the competition happened today, and.... my team won! Haha, it was an awesome experience. These past few days, I've been putting aside my school work ( I am a college freshman) to develop our recipes with the head chef from our dining services. Here is what we made:

1st dish: A "tempenada" (tempeh and empanada, my idea :)) made with a dough of tempeh, water, and flour. The filling was tempeh bacon, corn, cilantro, roasted red peppers, and scallions. They were formed with a dumpling maker, and pan fried. Three were plated on a round plate, like the spokes of a wheel. In the center were two slices of pan fried ripe plantain. On top of that was a circle of tempeh cooked in a flavorful broth. On the tempeh was an amazing sweet onion jam. The plate was finished with a spicy roasted pepper sauce and garnished with chopped chives.

2nd dish: A roulade made with MATCH®, spinach, and my tempeh ragout. The ragout had celery, onion, carrot, garlic, tempeh, red wine, veg stock. We made sweet potato polenta with white corn polenta cooked in a sweet potato and carrot juice broth, giving it a strong sweet potato flavor. The sweet potato was stacked with disks of sweet potato, so two alternating layers of the polenta and potato. They roulade was served with a morel mushroom sauce and some sauteed brocolini on the side. The plate was also garnished with smoked onion powder.

I'll be having some pictures soon ;) I felt these dishes were well put together, and I must say, tasted REALLY GOOD, even though I didn't get to eat what I made as a whole dish. The cooking was fun and pretty relaxed.

Time to study for those three midterm exams this week...


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