Bar help!

Hi all,

So I am an out-of-towner who knows NYC like the back of her own hand; I've been there many times and even lived there one summer. What I'm trying to say is, I am not a tourist.

However, I do not know much about the bar scene, and I need some help! I will be in the city the last weekend of March for a rapid weekend, and I want to see all of my twenty-million friends who live in the city. I figure the best way to do that would be to plant myself at a bar and just hold court.

The question is, which bar? I LOVE the Frying Pan waaaay out in Chelsea (on the river!) but it closes at midnight and I was hoping to go later. I am very low-key, as are my friends, so i prefer kind of a low-attitude dive bar to a glitzy place. I'd like to stay on Manhattan since that is where most of my friends live. Could I start at the Frying Pan and then go elsewhere (any Chelsea/nearby suggestions?) Should I just hold court at a bar in the LES or the West Village for the evening? I predict anywhere from 5-15 people coming and going. I am looking to y'all for the best suggestions!

Thanks so much!


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