Am I crazy or just a foodie?

Do you have anything food-related that you obsess about? I guess mine must be iced tea. I grew up in the South and it was a staple for lunch and dinner. So I have become very discerning about it. I like it somewhat sweet, but not the syrupy-sweetness that you find in many places (my guess is, lots of those places where it is TOO sweet is where they have used HFCS); it is best with good old sugar, and a lemon slice.

Well, I found the perfect place for tea near where I live . . . even the ice was right. Yes, the best ice for tea is NOT crushed, but clear cube or disc shaped ice. The crushed ice tends to melt too quickly and also tends to lend an off flavor to the tea, whereas the clear ice has more of a clean flavor that doesn't conflict with the taste of the tea. Well, imagine my dismay to learn that this perfect place where I have been buying my tea for months now has changed ice machines to the crushed pellet kind! I am just really bummed out about it. I just had to vent!

Have you ever had an experience like that where you are SO happy with a food or drink item and then . . . poof! it's gone ? For the record, my husband thinks I'm nuts and that all tea tastes the same.


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