Where should we eat in Portland??

Hey there, fellow Serious Eaters! I'm planning a bachelor party in late May for my buddy, and we've decided to hit up Portland, OR for the weekend. We wanted to go to a city none of us had ever been to before, and Portland sounded cool (we're all from either San Francisco or Los Angeles...). Consequently, we have no idea what there is to do/see in Portland, and more importantly, have no idea where to eat...

Thus I am appealing to your culinary wisdom: given that we only have a weekend (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2-3 dinners) and we'll be staying somewhere around the riverside/downtown area with only public transit at our disposal, where would you say we MUST eat while we're there??

Portland specialties, burger joints, and at least one place for a nice dinner would be great! And if you have recommendations for what to do/see while we're there, that would be great, too!

Thanks folks!


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