What to do with freezer-burned beef tenderloin steaks?

Hi there everyone! I've discovered some beef tenderloin steaks in my freezer that have been there for a while. The package says that they're filet mignons, but I really can't tell (like I said, they've been in the freezer a while -- MIL just gave them to my wife before they went out of town...). They're probably 2" thick, but somewhat freezerburned. Seeing as they've been in the freezer for a while, does anyone know if they're still safe to use as steaks (i.e., not cooking the insides through all the way)? Seems an awful shame to use filet mignon for stewing meat, so I'm just wondering if there are better ways to use it...

Also, has anyone every tried salting filet mignon like they would salt other steaks? (i.e., salt crust at room temperature for 30-45 minutes before cooking, rinsing off salt and patting down, then skillet cooking) I've used that method for lower quality cuts of meat before (chuck steaks, sirloins, and even ribeyes), and I'm told it works really well for porterhouses, but I'm not sure if that's the proper prep for a nicer cut -- I've honestly never cooked the really nice cuts before myself...!



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