What do you think of Frozen Meat?

Hi all,

I have never cooked frozen meat before and wanted to get opinions and advice.

I was at my friend's place over the weekend and wanted to cook breakfast. The only meat they had was frozen andouille sausage. I defrosted in the microwave, and browned it in a pan and it was darn tasty.

Growing up my family never used frozen meat as we had a great butcher downstairs. As I started cooking, I just never got into it. I guess I always thought that frozen meat was kind of gross.

Now I am thinking that I should broaden my horizons. What do you all think of frozen meats? Are there any rules you need to follow with it? What are the best brands (esp. in the North East)? I guess I am primarily looking at chicken and sausage.

Next question, I had a bunch of raw meat that I didn't want to cook on valentines, so I attempted to freeze it, still in the marinade bowl, filled with marinade. I am now thinking I probably should have drained and rinsed the meat before freezing. What do you think?



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