The Environment-Friendly Kitchen

I think most Serious Eaters, by virtue of being serious eaters, are in the very least tangentially protecting the environment. We buy local and organic, we compost when we have gardens, we prepare our own food thereby decreasing take-out and prepared food packaging waste, we read Michael Pollan, etc. It seems to me that the food revolution goes hand in hand with the environmental movement, so I pat myself in the back...

Yet I often stand by my kitchen counter and wonder how else I can keep my kitchen environment-friendly. For example, I know it might sound crazy to some, but I have decided to bake/roast only once a week to cut down on my energy consumption (good for my pocket too). So I plan accordingly -- what goes in first and last, which dishes can share the oven, etc.

What other ideas do you have?

Or am I kidding myself and should not assume the relationship between better food and better environment?


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