Snow Day Cooking! What's on YOUR stove?

Snow day, snow cooking day. I have a porchetta (or porketta) I boned, and rolled with sage, rosemary, lemon zest, garlic etc, waiting in the fridge to get cooked this afternoon. The bone is in a pot with a fresh hock for pork stock and shreds to become scrapple and for polenta to serve under said porchetta for dinner tonight. Broccoli raab along side. Stewed prunes with lemon to have with a dab of creme fraiche that I have to use up.

Draining some ricotta to make gnocchi for the freezer. Maybe a simple fruit dessert later. Tomorrow will be gnocchi-making day, and likely tiropites (sp) too, as I've had a box of phyllo living in the freezer for nearly a year.

Because when Spring comes, I'll be in the garden more than the kitchen...

Anyone else home and cooking today?


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