Shopping for a new electric range.

I asked this question about two years ago, but since we never bought a new range I thought I would ask again for any new insight. I am looking to buy a new range (unfortunately has to be an electric range, no gas or cook top/wall oven option) and am wondering about a smooth top vs the old coil top. I like the ease of cleaning and streamlined look of the flat top and I am very tired of the warped coils on my current stove, but I am afraid I will destroy a smooth top surface. My understanding is that cast iron should not be used and they scratch easily. I am not gentle when I cook, lots of sliding around of my pans. Any recommendations about the glass/ceramic top vs coil in general...or any specific brand recommendations? I'd like to keep the price less than $1500 if possible and really want something that bakes well. I think I will go with a conventional/convection combination. Also any thoughts on stainless...seems to be all they use on the home shows and what everyone wants, but I am not sold. Thanks for any help/advice!


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