Serious Efforts: Gluten-Free Cookies

I have just moved to a new department and made a friend with one of the other girls here. I have brought in a few cookies and other treats lately, like I have always done, but I just found out that she is gluten-intolerant, so she hasn't been able to have any of them. I told her that I would do my best to accomodate her, since she really misses having cookies.

I have made gluten-free breads and cakes before, but I fear that I will run into the same problem as shortening substituions - mainly that cookies and cakes and breads are *totally* different animals and take to ingredient changes very differently.

Have any of you made any really good recipes for gluten-free cookies, or do you know of good tips to keep in mind (i.e. ratios of the different flours, cooking times, temperatures, etc)?

Any help would be wonderful! Thanks!

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