Post-Gall Bladder Removal Diet

Hi all,

So... I had a quasi-emergency gall bladder removal last Friday. For the next 6 weeks or so I need to be on an extremely low fat diet (though luckily once I slowly reintroduce fats into my diet I shouldn't have any dietary restrictions afterwards).

I was wondering if any of you had any really great recipes for things that are basically low-fat (or no fat), and/or any great herb/spice/flavor combinations that make you not miss fattier complements to food. Also, if you have any recipe for easy breakfast foods (muffins or quick breads perhaps) that are really low fat (or for which you have substituted low fat options that came out well) please please let me know!

It's quite frustrating, because I am generally a healthy eater (with the occasional splurge for fun) and when I look at nutrition labels I look at the whole thing, not just fat content, but now I can't do that :(


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